India: Assam State Government Finance Department

Assam State Government Finance Department tracks purchase and contracting related data on the Assam Government Procurement System.

The data transformation and publication in OCDS are made in collaboration with the NGO CivicDataLab (CDL). This information is also available in the CDL’s Assam portal.

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Sep 2022 - Sep 2022
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Apr 2024 (retrieved monthly)
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Data available

A contracting process has several stages: tendering, awarding, contracting and implementation. You can learn about the contracting stages in this tutorial.


Count of parties:


Count of planning activities:


Count of tenders:
Count of tenderers:
Count of tender items:


Count of awards:
Count of suppliers:
Count of award items:


Count of contracts:
Count of contract items:
Count of transactions:


Count of documents:


Count of milestones:


Count of amendments:

Assam State publishes a number of additional non-documented fields, such as tender.stage, tender.contractType, tender.externalReference, tender.allowTwoStageTender, tender.allowPreferentialBidder, tender.Payment Mode. They also have some field name with typos, such as tender.milestones.type.1, tender.milestones.title.1, tender.milestones.dueDate.1. And the undocumented extensions, tender date published, bid opening, participation fees and tender classification.

Data quality


The dataset has quality issues to take into account, notably:

  • Invalid codes in tender.status, tender.procurementMethod, tender.mainProcurementCategory
  • Incorrect date formats, in date and tender.milestones.dueDate
  • Milestones without ids.

Last reviewed: Feb 2023

Access data

This OCDS dataset is available for download in JSON, Excel or CSV format. You can download the data for contracting processes in a specific year or for all time.


Each contracting process is represented as one line of JSON text in the .jsonl file.

The .jsonl file is compressed using Gzip. Windows users need 7-Zip, WinRAR or WinZip to decompress the .gz file.


Each contracting process is represented as one row in the main sheet. Other sheets link to it via the _link_main column.

Excel files can have at most 1,048,576 rows. If a year is missing, it had too many rows.


Each contracting process is represented as one row in the main.csv file. Other files link to it via the _link_main column.

The .csv files are archived using tar and compressed using Gzip. Windows users need 7-Zip, WinRAR or WinZip to decompress the .tar.gz file.

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