Netherlands: Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy tracks public procurement information in TenderNed.

TenderNed is the tendering system of the Dutch government. Dutch contracting authorities are required to publish their tender announcements on TenderNed. The obligation only applies to contracts above the European tendering thresholds and to the voluntary announcement of national contracts. The dataset contains all announcements: market consultations, pre-announcements, contract notices, corrections, contract award notices, early terminations and changes.

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Data date range:
Jan 2016 - Jun 2023
Update frequency:
Every 3 months
Last retrieved:
Oct 2023 (retrieved monthly)
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A contracting process has several stages: tendering, awarding, contracting and implementation. You can learn about the contracting stages in this tutorial.


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Besides core OCDS fields, TenderNed uses recommended extensions, such as, Lots and Bid statistics and details. And also Other Requirements, Tender classification, Party Scale, Techniques, Legal basis, Organization classification, Bid opening, Sources and Covered By

The dataset also contains additional fields that are not documented as extensions, such as: relatedNotices, awards/value/hasTax, awards/value/tax, parties/address/streetAddressDetails, tender/hasParticipationFees, tender/invitationDate, tender/isDigital, tender/nationalOrEuropean, tender/nature, tender/noticeType, tender/noticeTypeDetails, tender/registrationPeriod, tender/bidOpening/locality, tender/deliveryAddresses/id, tender/registrationPeriod/endDate, tender/value/hasTax, tender/value/tax.

Data quality


The dataset has minor issues that should not interfere with most uses. They include:

  • The field tender/procedure/features contains a large number of missing values
  • The fields tender/value and award/value contain extremely large values (e.g., 999999999999.99) which may be caused by data entry errors
  • An abnormally high share of tender and award values contain the specific values of 1 EUR or 0.01 EUR, possibly due to data entry errors or system configuration issues

Last reviewed: Jan 2024

Access data

This OCDS dataset is available for download in JSON, Excel or CSV format. You can download the data for contracting processes in a specific year or for all time.


Each contracting process is represented as one line of JSON text in the .jsonl file.

The .jsonl file is compressed using Gzip. Windows users need 7-Zip, WinRAR or WinZip to decompress the .gz file.


Each contracting process is represented as one row in the main sheet. Other sheets link to it via the _link_main column.

Excel files can have at most 1,048,576 rows. If a year is missing, it had too many rows.


Each contracting process is represented as one row in the main.csv file. Other files link to it via the _link_main column.

The .csv files are archived using tar and compressed using Gzip. Windows users need 7-Zip, WinRAR or WinZip to decompress the .tar.gz file.

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